DXN Reishi Mushroom Powder


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100% Herbal Product, weight 22gm
It improves natural Immune System.
It prevents infectious diseases.
It defends the diseases by balancing all Organ Functions.
It reduces digestive disorders.
It builds strong Energetic Muscles.
It is a Natural Brain Tonic.
It promotes a balanced sense of Overall Well-being.
It supports the body with kidney and liver toning effects to increase vitality.



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It improves natural Immune System and prevents Infectious Diseases.
It enhances Oxygen absorption by the Body and the Natural Healing Ability.
It saves and improves terminal patients like Cancer etc. by balancing all organ functions.
It reduces body pains, strengthens muscles and works as good anti-inflammatory agent.
It reduces ‘Acidity’, balances ‘Hormones’, regulates ‘Bio-Chemistry’.
It reduces Digestive disorders, Constipation, IBS and GI tract problems.
It reduces ‘Obesity’ and Flab, builds strong energetic muscles.
It is excellent Co-active therapy for ‘Terminal’ diseases like Cancer, Cardiac & Kidney problems.


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