Food Supplement Mqv Extra


Top Features;

It is pure natural product,
It enhances immunity,
It strengthens muscles,
It has tremendous benefits for sugar patient,
This is an effective remedy to eliminate “ khas Kamzoori “.

Complete Course 2 Bottles – Available at Discount Price

1 Pack @ Rs. 1499/-
2 Pack @ Rs. 2699/-

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How To Strong Nervous System by Moqv-e-Asab

Moqv-e-asab is one of the best and most beneficial food supplements. It is 100% natural and pure jari-booty base product which provides relief in diabetes, nerves weakness, arthritis pain, muscle weakness, itchy and irritation of hand and feet. This is the most effective anti-aging organic dietary source without any side effects.

Important Ingredients Including in Moqv-e-asab Safoof

1 – Mashroom
2 – Fenugreek (Methi)
3 – Bitter Apple (Tuma)
4 – Psyllium Husk (Ispaghol Chilka)
5 – Black Seeds (Kalonji)
6 – Radish Seeds
7 – Carrot Seeds

Moqv-e-asab also includes five other ingredients to set the ratio. All of the ingredients are herbal.

2 reviews for Food Supplement Mqv Extra

  1. Dildar Khan

    I love this product, it has really tremendous result in sugar disease, must try it.

    • F9Mart

      Thank you for appreciating

  2. F9Mart

    Thank you for appreciating

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